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Editor's Rating: review and discount system


I know a lot of different sites of editing service companies, but they all seemed to be rather complicated, containing too much of excessive information. This site impressed me even more, because it looked too simple. It seemed to me that design was too old fashioned, as well as the menu. It was very inconvenient for me to look for the information on this site. It was created in 2002 and it was obvious that the design was not changed since that time. This site provides you with proofreading and copyediting services only, so if you are looking for writing service, don’t waste your time, reading this review.

Price Policy

• $0.03 (U.S.) per word for editing (i.e., 3 ¢)
$0.02 (U.S.) per word for proofreading (i.e., 2¢)

• The word count on which the proofreading and editing fee is based is that reported by the Word Count function of Microsoft Word. Multiply the number of words by $0.02 or $0.03 to calculate the fee. The minimum fee is $20.00. This is equivalent to 667 words.

This system is not very convenient, especially if you need editing of 2 pages (550 words) only. As I had bigger document, I decided to make an order. Editing of my paper (1100 words) cost me $33. In comparison to other services, the price is rather expensive, but as I needed professional editing, I decided to make an order, hoping that it will be performed well.

Quality of Support

There is no support team on this site, so in case if you have any questions, nobody is going to help you. Also, such ignorance is very convenient for the company, because even if in case a customer will have any complaints, he won’t be able to leave it, because there is no way on the site to do so.

Quality of paper

I received my paper within the deadline and didn’t notice any corrections. I was really surprised, because the admin should have sent me two files: one with corrections and the other one fixed. I received only one file and it seemed to me that it was not corrected at all. I decided to compare the texts and found out that my paper contained no corrections. I was shocked to see this, but I had no opportunity to contact support and ask for refund, as it is unavailable.
So, I decided to search for more reliable website Here.


As a result, I had no fixed paper and my money was stolen by this cheating company. I wouldn’t recommend you this service, because it has nothing to do with loyalty and honesty. Just imagine how many people are being fooled by this company. Don’t look at the simple menu, because the service is far from being simple. Only cunning people work there.

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