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Editor's Rating: review and disounts


The delight I had because of low prices soon vanished due to the quality of my movie review which was far worse than expected.


Why did I decide to place my order here? First of all because the website looked nice to me, green color, blackboard, reminding me of studies. So I thought why not look further and see what they actually can offer. I needed to get a movie review done, and I was mainly convinced to use this service because of the low price. Alas, in the end things transpired not the way I wanted them to.


Customer support pleasantly impressed me. Really, they did a great job, were there for me and were responsive. I received decent customer service. I wish their writers were just as responsive and responsible.


As I already mentioned, I was attracted by the price that seemed low to me. Of course, paying $24.99 for movie review done in 3 day according to my requirements seemed a very good deal. Besides, I saw that academic level did not influence the price, so I chose Master level paper. Why not, huh? I paid $74.97 in all. I chose none of the additional options, because I thought the task was simple enough to pay additionally for top 10 writers for instance. Maybe this was my blunt.


I chose 3-day turnaround allowing myself no time for revisions. And this is another mistake I made while ordering here. Had I selected a shorter turnaround, I could have had a possibility to still ask for revision and be on time with submission. But on the other hand, if 3 days were not enough to do the review properly, then how could a paper written in a shorter period of time be better?


I understood for myself 2 things about this website: I should always order in advance to have enough time to correct the mistakes writers make and I should not fall for low prices when I need a good paper, because nothing good comes out of it.


The delight I had because of finding a writing service with low prices soon vanished due to the quality of my movie review, which was far from ideal, and for sure far worse than expected by my professor.

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