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Do you know something about college application essays? If you do know, then you must be aware of the fact that it is rather difficult to writer such an important and responsible paper. I had this experience in the past and I decided not to waste my time in useless efforts to write this essay, as I had no idea how to do this correctly. So, I decided to trust this task to professionals and to find a good writing service. I found this site and it caught my attention by its funny design. I saw a lot of sites and they all were quite boring, but this one is really nice. Unfortunately, nice outlook doesn’t presuppose good quality of the service and this is about this company.

Price Policy

Price policy of this site is rather interesting, I should say. It is said that all the clients should pay beforehand for this service. Options for payment are the following:
– Pay $100 (Click “Buy Now” button below): For half hour editing or half hour Jumpstart session.
– Pay $200 (Click “Buy Now” button below): For Combo Jumpstart/Editing or Weekend Jumpstart session or 2-Day Editing.
Such a payment policy is rather suspicious, because you don’t know what you are paying for. Maybe your paper will cost only $60, but you will be charged $100. That is not very honest I suppose.

Quality of Support

Before making the order, you should discuss all the issues of the paper with the admin via email first. That is not very convenient, because it takes quite a lot of time. In my opinion, live chat or phone calls would be more convenient and faster for everyone. I am not satisfied with the quality of support, because the admin works slowly and he is not eager to help and that is obvious.

Quality of paper es

The paper that I received can’t be called an admission essay. It was something strange and difficult to understand. Admission essay was written as a fairy-tale story about a person who wants to go to college. I was shocked to see that, because my essay looked absolutely unprofessional. I couldn’t send such essay to college, because the committee would only laugh at me.


This writing service is a terrible thing and I wouldn’t advise it to you, because it is unprofessional and writers complete ridiculous things. Luckily I made order on Shiny Essays and this site saved my live. It wrote a perfect admission essay which helped me to enter the University.

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