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Do I need essay help?

If you’re a student, the answer is definitely “yes”. Each student has periods when he cannot (or doesn’t want to) complete written assignments on his own. As you’ve already paid a lot for your school, it’s unreasonable to leave everything to chance and make your final grade suffer. When you’re busy with work, sick or having a holiday, essay writers will help you to cope with numerous assignments. Maintaining a balance between your study and life really means a lot!

Do you write papers yourself?

“A good student” doesn’t always mean “a good writer”. You can be deeply acknowledged in the subject but don’t possess good writing skills, and will lose points because of that. To write a good paper, you need to know the structure of this particular type of essay and follow it. You will also need logic skills to make sure your paper is consistent and excellent grammar knowledge to avoid losing points because of typos or wrong wording. Moreover, you have to be good at formatting in accordance with chosen citation style. Even if you write papers on your own, seeking an editor’s help will be a wise choice. When you need to submit an important paper, an editor will help you get rid of mistakes students typically make.

Finding a good essay writer

Good writers usually work for big and reputable writing companies. Meanwhile, many essay writing services don’t say much about their writers on the websites. It’s nearly impossible to find writers’ profiles online. Nevertheless, we know how to identify a good essay writer. Here are some hints what to pay attention to:

  • A degree in a specific field like English, Management, History, Economics etc. PhD or MA means that your writer will have a deep understanding in what he is writing about.
  • English native. It’s obvious that non-native speaker can mess up your paper
  • In-house writers. It’s preferably to work with company who has staff writers, not freelancers.
  • Skills of academic writing. Academic writing is not the same as blogging or business writing, and your writer should know the difference

Frankly speaking, good writers do not always work for reputable companies. But only reputable companies maintain quality standards and are responsible for their writers’ performance. How to find these companies?

Top websites with the best writing standards

If you read some of our reviews, you’ll easily tell a good company from a second-rate one. There’s also a Top 5 list of the companies at the top of the page. If you don’t have much time for reading reviews and comparing websites, simply stay on one of those companies. Top 5 are the companies which got the highest rating from our reviewers and are checked by our site staff. In particular, we checked their guarantees and know that they fulfill their obligations before the customer.

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