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This is a site, which provides with academic essays and personal projects writing. There is all the necessary contact information – phone number and email address to be able to either make a phone call or leave a message. All the buttons work fine. There are no mistakes within the content of the site. The amount of graphic images is minimum. The loading speed is quite fast. The design is simple. The logo could be better though. It looks commonplace. Color palette is chic. I especially like the background image.

Policy of price

I wish I could say the same about the pricing of the site. It is chic meaning them to be too high. The service is expensive and it is unlikely for an average student to afford anything like this even occasionally. I would suggest changing the policy of the price just so every visitor of the site entering the site could feel him/herself comfortable and could easily place an order without any doubts and worries.

Quality of paper

I looked through the testimonials. There are few of them only. They are positive but according to the paper I received, I cannot say anything positive about the service because the paper had too many glitches within. Even I would not make such mistakes. They are too primitive. I got a feeling as if a school kid was working upon my paper. It was a mistake to apply for help on this site.

Order details

I could not find any order details. There is a button to get a quote. This is very inconvenient. Such things as pricing and ordering should be clear in the first place. There has to be no situation when a visitor enters the site and chaotically search for what the price is and/or how to make an order.

Quality of support

The quality of support is okay. I have nothing bad to say about it. I applied for help with a question to the support manager and he kindly assisted me with the problem, which occurred. In the end, he asked whether I might have any other questions and that in case of any, I may feel free to ask him and wished me a nice day.

The site has a nice interface. It is fast at loading. All the sections are clickable. There are no glitches within the content of the site but…

… it is not easy to navigate. Its policy of price is to be modified. Just like the easier access to the order details section.


I cannot recommend this service for further using. But I have another option – here, This service is fast, easy, cheap and thought-out well. See for yourself, apply for help and you will get the point.

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