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About Us

We are a team of writing enthusiasts and have created this service in order to help you choose reliable writing services. Each website praises its essays and writers, and even testimonials are not helpful – what if the company simply publishes only positive ones?

What if you could know the quality of papers provided by a writing company before you place an order? Now it is possible! If you need a term paper or admission essay, you can order them from the site which has been reviewed and has positive feedbacks. Thus, you minimize the risks of dealing with fraudulent and low-quality services!

If you still hesitate about using a writing service, this may be a sign that you’ve never dealt with responsible company. A good writing company will take on all your worries and fulfill its obligations by providing you with an outstanding paper right on time.

How do we work?

Our website has published reviews from real customer of the most popular writing services. We accept customer reviews through email and Submit Website form. Each review you have sent to us is proofread and published within a week.

If you need to know the opinion about a website but it hasn’t been reviewed here, let us know! Submit the website and we will place a small order and write our own opinion.

Don’t put your final grade on stake

Choosing a writing company based solely on the first impression is like a gambling. You may be lucky enough to occasionally find a good writing service that will fully satisfy you. The opposite situation is more common, though – you may end with rubbish, low-quality paper or get any paper at all! So, don’t risk your grade and try to find out as much as possible about the company before making an order.

Myths about paper writing services

When we choose writing services, we often make mistakes in judgments and make wrong conclusion. Here are a few main misconceptions about writing companies:

  1. If I find an expensive company and pay for top quality, I’ll definitely get a great essay.
    Unfortunately, this is wrong. Our reviewers explain a lot of situations when they pay to expensive services and receive mediocre or even poor papers. Site reliability matters more than the price!
  2. The website is well designed; they are probably as good at writing papers.
    A good website might only be a hint that they can spend a lot of money on web-design because they’re good at what they do. But it’s not always so. There are companies with simple standard design which provide their customers with great essays.
  3. It goes without saying that writing companies staff native English speakers.
    Many writing companies outsource their work to save money these days. Of course, a non-native speaker won’t write A paper for you.

As you see, it’s nearly impossible to guess which service will be good. So, stop guessing and rely on the facts provided by our reviewers. Sign up to get really big discounts for writing services!

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